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Contractual Obligations Check (CoC)

AFRINIC Hostmasters shall ensure that any ticket received from an existing member complies with the contractual obligations and adhere to the clauses in the:

To ensure that the Membership contract (RSA) and AFRINIC constitution (bylaws) are complied with, Hostmaster team shall perform Contractual Obligations Checks when working on tickets that are logged in the Hostmaster, afrinic-dbm and IRR queues.

These checks are as follows:

  1. Request/ticket should always originate from a Registered contact
  2. Resource Member’s account is in Good Standing
  3. Resource Member has a signed RSA with AFRINIC on file

A member should be compliant with all of the abovementioned checks in order to receive support for services and resources request from AFRINIC.

One of the requirements for compliance with Contractual Obligations is that only the registered contact should submit/request for support and additional resources. This
requirement is mandatory since AFRINIC needs to ensure that all requests are channeled through an authoritative source from the Resource Member.

When a request/ticket is received on any ticket queue relating to resource or support request, Hostmaster team shall ensure that the requester’s email address is part of the registered contact list on MyAFRINIC and WHOIS.

If you have been delegated by a registered contact to interact with AFRINIC on a specific issue, for us to proceed, one of the authorised contacts must either re-submit this request and request that you are copied in the ticket or introduce you to us by replying to this email.

One can also query the AFRINIC WHOIS for the person object relating to the email address and an inverse query( “-i ac” or “-i tc”) can show if the person is referenced on the mentioned ORG ID.

In case all the registered contacts have left the organisation, the applicant/requester need to send the request for a contact update on the letterhead of your organisation, signed by a senior administrative authority of the company such as the CTO or CEO. and stamped with the company seal. In case of doubt or if the person is not a registered contact.

The requester can contact the AFRINIC Customer Services team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request for a contact update or to confirm whether their email address is part of the registered contacts.

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Any request received by Hostmaster team, for support and resources, from members can be handled only after establishing that the member is in good standing.

A good standing account has zero or a negative balance at the time Hostmasters check the Resource Member’s account. If membership fee invoice become overdue or if a penalty fee is imposed, the same must be settled first; as described in the billing schedule. Registered contacts of Resource Members are encouraged to verify and ensure that their organisation is in good standing – for example, does not owe AFRINIC any or part of membership fees or penalty fees.

For members with an outstanding balance, relating to membership fees for the current year only; the account shall be considered as in good standing until last day of February. Member shall no longer be considered as in Good Standing as from 1st March of the current year, should the payment relating to annual membership (of current year only)/previous years still remain overdue.

Also, do note that as year 2018, the penalty fees shall be uploaded on the members account during the month of June of the current year.

You can access your account by login to MyAFRINIC portal ( and choose "Summary Statement" from the Billing tab. Should you need any more information regarding your invoice, please send your query to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Balance on>Billing Summary should be zero or a negative value

You may refer to our billing schedule at

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The Registration Service Agreement (RSA) is the contract that legally binds a member with AFRINIC. The agreement constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation towards the set of specified terms and conditions of service.

All AFRINIC members should have a signed Registration Service Agreement on our internal records in order receive support for services and resources request. Internal Records at the moment refers to the members’ file which is accessible to AFRINIC staff only. Some organisations may not have a signed RSA on file as per a recent audit exercise and they have already been contacted by AFRINIC Customer Services to remedy the situation.

After receiving your request, the Hostmaster team shall check the records for a signed RSA on your account. If you already have a signed RSA the request shall be processed, else you shall receive a notification for non-compliance to the Contractual Obligations Check and details on how to remedy to this situation shall be communicated.

In case of doubt and/or to be proactive in your approach, you can request for a confirmation from AFRINIC staff of whether your organisation already has a signed RSA well in place on our records.

You can contact the AFRINIC CS team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for appropriate action.

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In case of non-compliance with the contractual obligation checks, Hostmaster team shall:

  1. Deny all requests for support and/or IP resources until such time that their specific account(s) are compliant to all sections of contractual obligation checks.
  2. Allow a reasonable time (~10 working days) for the member to rectify the non-compliance but ultimately close the request/ticket if the situation still persists. The requester shall then submit a fresh application/ticket request to proceed after taking appropriate steps to be compliant with the contractual obligation checks.


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