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The AFRINIC community is a collaborative environment in which people from many different backgrounds and cultures work together for the good of the African and global Internet.

The AFRINIC community is drawn from academia, public and private sectors, technical organisations, governmental institutions and civil society, interact on Internet issues and Internet development in general. Our audience benefits from various panels of international experts who deliver insightful knowledge on ICT technologies.

The community participates in AFRINIC open public policy meetings every year in various locations throughout its service region. AFRINIC Meetings provide a unique opportunity for the community to gather to discuss the policies governing Internet number resource distribution in the African region, to share technical knowledge, and to attend workshops and tutorials.

The community also actively participates in various Internet related activities through several mailing lists that are managed by AFRINIC.

An AFRINIC Community Code of Conduct explains expectations for anyone participating in these AFRINIC events and platforms. The code of conduct also applies to remote participants, online meeting spaces and digital platforms.

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