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Blog Post & Contribution Guidelines


Want to Contribute to AFRINIC's Blog?

Do you have something relevant to share with the African  and global Internet community? We're looking for guest bloggers to write short articles for the AFRINIC blog to increase awareness on topics such as:

  • Experiences, first-hand accounts and case studies on IPv6 deployment and transition
  • Network security
  • Your participation experience in AFRINIC events and other African Internet events
  • ICT-related solutions to social and economic issues in Africa
  • Internet Governance
  • Policy development
  • Content localisation
  • Peering and Interconnections
  • Infrastructure development and capacity building efforts
  • Inclusivity and diversity in the African Internet Ecosystem
  • How you use AFRINIC/RIPE Atlas
  • Internet measurements and Research
  • RPKI

If you’re interested, please check our submission guidelines below and then get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details about what you'd like to write and your background/experience with the topic. We'll let you know if we think your idea can be published on our blog.

Submission Guidelines

All content published on AFRINIC's blog must be:

  • Aligned to AFRINIC's goals and mission
  • Timely and accurate
  • Free of advertising and product/service promotion
  • The original work of the author and not published anywhere else online or in print before being published on the AFRINIC blog (summaries and synopses of longer articles and papers are acceptable)
  • Free of criticism of individuals, organisations, countries or regimes
  • Between 500 - 1200 words long

AFRINIC reserves the right to select articles for publishing based on its sole discretion and will not enter into the discussion as to why a proposal was rejected. AFRINIC reserves the right to make edits to every article. Authors will be given the chance to approve all edits and may withdraw their post if they do not agree with the final edited version.




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