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At AFRINIC, we are at the forefront of managing Internet Number Resources (IPv4, IPv6, and ASNs) for the African region. Our commitment extends beyond resource allocation, encompassing vital aspects of Internet technology development and community support. As the Regional Internet Registry for Africa, our initiatives and services are designed to contribute to the growth and resilience of the digital infrastructure.

Our operations are anchored in a bottom-up, self-regulatory, and multi-stakeholder approach, driving our Policy Development Process (PDP). This inclusive framework enables the AFRINIC community to actively formulate policies that guide the responsible management of Internet number resources. Join us on this journey of fostering Internet growth, connectivity, and innovation across Africa.


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A core aspect of our work involves the responsible management and allocation of Internet Number Resources, including IPv4, IPv6, and ASNs. Through meticulous resource distribution, we aim to support the expanding needs of the Internet community in Africa.


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Explore comprehensive information related to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, AS numbers, and reverse delegations available through our public Whois database.


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Explore AFRINIC's Resource Allocation Statistics for a transparent view of Internet Number Resource distribution and utilisation across Africa. Gain insights into allocation patterns, growth trends, and other vital metrics shaping the Internet ecosystem.


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We are committed to empowering individuals within the Internet community. Our capacity-building programs target network engineers, operators, policymakers, and resource members, providing them with practical knowledge to enhance their professional capabilities.


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Join us at our annual Public Policy Meetings, held alongside the Africa Internet Summit in May or June, and the AFRINIC Conference around November or December. Additionally, don't miss our informative webinar series, where experts share their knowledge and current best practices with industry players.


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In addition to managing IP addresses and ASNs AFRINIC also offers a range of essential services like the Routing Registries, RPKI, and Reverse DNS.
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