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Is your AFRINIC membership account in good standing?

Any request received by Hostmaster team, for support and resources, from members can be handled only after establishing that the member is in good standing.

A good standing account has zero or a negative balance at the time Hostmasters check the Resource Member’s account. If membership fee invoice become overdue or if a penalty fee is imposed, the same must be settled first; as described in the billing schedule. Registered contacts of Resource Members are encouraged to verify and ensure that their organisation is in good standing – for example, does not owe AFRINIC any or part of membership fees or penalty fees.

For members with an outstanding balance, relating to membership fees for the current year only; the account shall be considered as in good standing until last day of February. Member shall no longer be considered as in Good Standing as from 1st March of the current year, should the payment relating to annual membership (of current year only)/previous years still remain overdue.

Also, do note that as year 2018, the penalty fees shall be uploaded on the members account during the month of June of the current year.

You can access your account by login to MyAFRINIC portal ( and choose "Summary Statement" from the Billing tab. Should you need any more information regarding your invoice, please send your query to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Balance on>Billing Summary should be zero or a negative value

You may refer to our billing schedule at

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