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Are you a registered contact?

One of the requirements for compliance with Contractual Obligations is that only the registered contact should submit/request for support and additional resources. This
requirement is mandatory since AFRINIC needs to ensure that all requests are channeled through an authoritative source from the Resource Member.

When a request/ticket is received on any ticket queue relating to resource or support request, Hostmaster team shall ensure that the requester’s email address is part of the registered contact list on MyAFRINIC and WHOIS.

If you have been delegated by a registered contact to interact with AFRINIC on a specific issue, for us to proceed, one of the authorised contacts must either re-submit this request and request that you are copied in the ticket or introduce you to us by replying to this email.

One can also query the AFRINIC WHOIS for the person object relating to the email address and an inverse query( “-i ac” or “-i tc”) can show if the person is referenced on the mentioned ORG ID.

In case all the registered contacts have left the organisation, the applicant/requester need to send the request for a contact update on the letterhead of your organisation, signed by a senior administrative authority of the company such as the CTO or CEO. and stamped with the company seal. In case of doubt or if the person is not a registered contact.

The requester can contact the AFRINIC Customer Services team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request for a contact update or to confirm whether their email address is part of the registered contacts.

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