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Why should LIRs maintain records?

As per section of the CPM, LIR's must keep and maintain records of any documentation regarding assignments and sub-allocations to end-users.

It is needed for future reference when evaluating requests from the same organisation and for any audits being conducted by AFRINIC. These documents should be kept electronically for easier access. It's advisable that these records should include but not be limited to:

  • The original request.
  • Supporting documentation.
  • Related correspondence between LIR and end-user.
  • Decision of the assignment, and reasons behind any unusual decision.
  • Role of person that made the decision.

Electronic data refers to information kept on IT systems , based on real-time data and are verifiable. Verification by hostmasters can be conducted and the member shall be requested to demonstrate the usage in real-time in a remote session.

From experience, most AFRINIC members of category Medium and above have a system in place to provide this data. Those members who use their own proprietary applications are recommended to ensure that they have a dashboard (or other method) of being able to demonstrate the data. This is to ensure that "electronic data" are not tampered with , just to demonstrate 90% usage of current allocations.

AFRINIC Hostmasters reserve the right to stop the evaluation of an additional resource request , should they detect that fraudulent information is being provided. The hostmasters, upon consultation with AFRINIC management & legal team may then trigger a full audit of the resource member.

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