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How can I create a route object in the AFRINIC WHOIS database?

A route object can be created through the AFRINIC WHOIS GUI.  

  1. Click on “Create Object
  2. Select “route” to specify the type of object to create.
  3. Click on “Load” to load the route object template.

  4. Fill the template as per the requirements (example provided below)
  5. route: (should be an exact match or a more specific prefix of the prefix delegated by AFRINIC)
    descr: Route Object Example 
    origin: AS327800 (The ASN that shall originate the inet(6)num prefix. ASN delegated by any RIR and registered in one RIR WHOIS database can be used)
    mnt-by: EXAMPLE-MNT (The maintainer referenced as the mnt-lower or mnt-routes in the IPv4(6) objects)
    changed: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (your e-mail ID) 
    source: AFRINIC 

    The plain text password for the maintainer EXAMPLE-MNT should be used when submitting the object. For more information, please see the IRR comprehensive guide


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