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What is the exact process of requesting for membership and IP resources?

The request to get IP resources shall be evaluated by our AFRNIC team according to the current policies on membership and resource allocation which can be found as below:

In order to proceed faster and timely with your request within 15 working days, AFRINIC has set up this following procedure and steps that aims to bring closed collaboration between AFRINIC Team and the requestor.
1. Online registrationby the requestor
Go to, create an account, log in and fill the form. Please make sure that the organisation’s name is its legal name (as stated on the certificate of incorporation/founding documents).

  1. 2. Eligibility  and IP resources evaluation by the Hostmaster Team
    Along with your online registration kindly send us

- any founding document determining your eligibility in term of your presence and operations in AFRINIC region like as certificate of incorporation or any legal operation services certificate from local authority and

- any founding document justifying your resource request like as Network description, Adressing plan and certificate


Please note that we may request for additional documentation along the way that as necessary during evaluation of your new membership

  1. 3. Invoice Issuing to the requestor by the Finance Team
    Upon eligibility and IP resource approved, the Billing department will issue an invoice to the requestor for membership fees payment according to the fees categories (
  2. 4. Invoice payment by the requestor
    If your request for resources is approved, you will receive a proforma invoice according to your membership category ( Payment can be done through wire transfer or credit card.
  3. 5. RSA to be filled and sent to AFRINIC by the requestor

After the Hostmaster Team has approved your IP resource request, you will be required to sign the RSA. We strongly suggest that members make two original copies of the RSA and scan or fax (+230 466 67 58) one signed copy of the document to AFRINIC. It is of importance that you then send one original signed copy by express mail to AFRINIC.
Kindly note that the RSA:

  • Should be signed on every page
  • Sealed/stamped
  • All contacts provided

We strongly advise our members to provide at least two different contact persons for the administrative, billing and technical purposes.
As stated above, one original RSA should be sent to the following address:

Registration Services
11th Floor, Standard Chartered Tower
Cyber City,
Phone Number: +230 403 51 00


  1. 6. IP Resources release to the member by the hostmaster Team.
    Upon reception of the RSA signed and invoice payment the hostmaster Team will release the resources within 24 hours.


In order to keep on improving AFRINIC services to its members, the member that has assigned or allocated resources is invited to share with us his/her feedback on the AFRINIC registration process on the services mailing list

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