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How to query the Routing Registry

Route Object Queries

Our Route Registry is currently mirrored by RADB, NTTCOMM, Moscow IXP, WorkOnline(SA), APNIC do near real time mirroring (NRTM), while RIPE picks up a daily dump around 22:00 UTC.

By default, queries on RIPE’s Routing Registry only return objects created directly with their registry. Objects mirrored from other registries are located in a non-RIPE address space placeholder. Thus, when querying RIPE NCC for an object created on AFRINIC Routing Registry one has to either:

  1. Specify the source with a (-s) flag,
    Ex: whois -h -s AFRINIC-GRS
  2. or, Request all sources with a (-r) flag
    Ex: whois -h -r
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