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AFRINIC Service Guidelines

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  • Ref. Name:
  • Status:
    Under Discussion
  • Date:
    26 Oct 2014
  • Author(s):
    - Karmann Olumomo

1)   Summary of the Problem being addressed by this proposal

Some members are experiencing extreme long wait for their additional allocation request to get passed, some members are experiencing none technical information requested from AFRINIC (customer data, marketing channels etc), in order to improve overall service quality of AFRINIC, here is the policy.


2) Summary of How this Proposal Addresses the Problem

To improve overall service quality and transparency of AFRINIC’s number resource services by documenting roles and responsibilities of AFRINIC.


3) Proposal

3.1) AFRINIC should make decision on subsequent allocation requests based on AFRINIC policy, and conclude a request no longer than the 20% of the total period AFRINIC approves the resources for. (E.g. If AFRINIC is issuing resources to its member to meet its 12 months needs, the longest waiting time for AFRINIC allocation process should not be longer than 20%*12month, to cope with 80% utilization requirement for additional allocation). If AFRINIC was not able to make decision on a certain request within this period, for each additional month beyond this period, the requesting member should receive percentage of the requested period of the total request until such decision has been made, in order to protect member from smooth running of its business.


3.2) AFRINIC should publish standardized base information request for each typical type of resource allocation.


3.3) AFRINIC should not store, request any marketing or business related none-technical information from its member, for example, customer data, marketing channel, and marketing budget.


3.4) AFRINIC allocations should be solely made based on current policy, no other factor other than policy should infer with AFRINIC’s decision on processing allocation requests.


3.5) Unless otherwise appealed, AFRINIC Board should not be directly involved in IP allocation process.


3.6) For the interest of overall policy development process, other RIR staff as well as its governing body personnel (advisor or board member, for example) should not be involved in AFRINIC policy development process.


3.7) AFRINIC policy working group chair election should be conducted independent from AFRINIC board nomination committee; candidates should be free of any requirement.


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