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Board of Directors Election Process (Overview)

The role and responsibilities of AFRINIC's Board of Directors are defined in Sections 13, 14 and 15 of the Bylaws as an oversight body that acts on behalf of the members while guiding the actions and decisions of the Management team.

Meeting bi-monthly, by teleconference or face-to-face, the members of the Board establish the basis for the AFRINIC budget and consider broad Internet policy issues in order to ensure that AFRINIC policies and strategies respond to the constantly changing Internet environment.

We strongly encourage all AFRINIC members to participate in the Board election process. To ensure a fair and transparent process for Board elections, there are rules governing how member organisations can participate. It is important that you review this information carefully to ensure you have an effective say in the elections.



The information you need to participate and understand in the AFRINIC election process is available below:

About the AFRINIC Board of Directors

The Board comprises 8 elected members along with the CEO of AFRINIC.

Board Election Process (2022)

Every election conducted by AFRINIC has a process and a defined timeline. 


Voting is a great way to participate in the Internet community.

Term of Board

Each of the 8 elected members serves a three-year term.

Nominations Announcement

AFRINIC sends out to the community notices of when nominations open and close.

Assigning a Proxy

You may appoint a proxy to exercise your organisation's right to vote.

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