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The NomCom comprises four members who are appointed by the AFRINIC Board.

The four (4) members of the NomCom are composed as follows:

  • 1 Member selected from within the Board (Should not be from the region for which an election is being held).
  • 3 volunteers selected from the community

The main responsibility of NomCom is to screen and propose suitable candidates for all elections with AFRINIC.

These include Board, NRO NC, PDWG, Governance Committee or any other future elections within AFRINIC following the election process and guidelines

NomCom members serve on a voluntary basis, supported and guided by the CEO along with a staff member appointed by the CEO. 

The committee essentially works via e-mail (using a designated mailing list) and teleconferences.

The NomCom Chairperson work with the Election Committee as per Section 10 of AFRINIC bylaws.

The NomCom’s responsibilities are defined in section 9 (link) of the AFRINIC Bylaws.



Appointment of NomCom (Timeline 2022)

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NomCom Guidelines (2018)

Adhoc Guidelines (2018)


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