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Mandatory requirements for registering assignments and sub-allocations



  • ID: AFPUB-2014-GEN-001-DRAFT-01
  • Status: Withdrawn
  • Date: September 22, 2014
  • Author: Jean Robert Hountomey


1.Summary of the Problem Being Addressed by this Policy Proposal

The AFRINIC IPv4 Allocation policy - AFPUB-2005-v4-001 (1) guides the responsible management of unique IPv4 address space in the AFRINIC region. The document was implemented in May 17, 2006. 

In a document called “Creating Customer Assignments” (2) last Updated on Monday, 02 September 2013, AFRINIC has detailed the process of registering LIR network infrastructure and customer IP address assignments in the AFRINIC whois database. While the two documents are still applicable, the AFRINIC community has questioned at several occasions AFRINIC’s allocations. In addition few, AFRINIC Resource Members (3) have not registered their assignments in the AFRINIC database. 


2.Summary of How this Proposal Addresses the Problem

This document merges the AFRINIC IPv4 Allocation policy and Creating Customer Assignments by introducing a section (section 9.7) into AFRINIC IPV4 Allocation Policy. In addition, the document makes mandatory the registration of all allocations and assignments in the AFRINIC database. Furthermore, the document gives the authority to AFRINIC staff to conduct any process after approbation by the community to reclaim resources from unregistered assignments / allocations / sub-allocation since they are considered invalid. 

3. Proposal

3.1. Modification of section (8b) of the AFRINIC IPV4 Allocation policy by replacing “will be” by “must be".


a. All communication with AFRINIC must be in English. 

b. All allocations and assignments must be registered in an AFRINIC database. Any unregistered assignments / allocations / sub-allocation will be considered invalid. 

The registration data (name, IP block/range, contacts, status, etc..) must be correct at all times. This is necessary to support network operations. 


3.2 The proposal adds section (9.7) – “Mandatory Requirement for registering assignments” to AFRINIC IPV4 Allocation Policy. 

Assignment registration is important for several reasons: 

-To inform the Internet community which organization is using the IPv4 address space, including the point of contact in case of operation problems, security 

-To ensure that the Resource Member has completed or is close to completing address space allocation such that the allocation of additional space is justified 

-Assignment Registration also helps AFRINIC in analyzing additional IPV4 block request made by a Resource Member in an open transparent process 

-Assignments must include the following mandatory attributes regarding the assignee: inetnum, net name, descr, country, admin-c, tech-c, org 

and any other mandatory information required as defined by an AFRINIC policy. 


3.2.1 Size of block and timeframe 


All IP block assignments equal or larger than a /29 made by an AFRINIC Resource Member for its own network or customer must be registered and documented in AFRINIC Whois database no later than seven (7) business days after the assignment. 


3.2.2 Residential Customers 


When the assignment is for residential customers, the address blocks that are being used by equipment or customer service areas, by service must be registered (dialup access server, DSLAM/DSL access Server, WIFI Access Point, WIMAX Cell, Cloud infrastructure etc..) The Resource Member must specify in the AFRINIC whois database that the block is used for Residential Customers (netname, desc) 


3.3.3 Confidentiality. 


It is understandable that for business requirement and customer information protection the Resource Member might be reluctant to provide these information in the public database. The information must be provided to AFRINIC for audit purpose under confidential agreement. 


The Resources assigned must still be registered in AFRINIC Whois database with the following exception: 

-netname and descr must describe the usage of the block 

-all other information can be the same as the Ressource Member's information with the understanding that he is liable for any issue related to the IP Block. 


(1) IPv4 Allocation Policy (Assignment Policies and Guidelines) 


(2) Creating Customer Assignments 


(3) Definition of AFRINIC Resource Member


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