ASO AC Election Process & Guidelines


The ASO Address Council consists of members of the NRO Number Council. It is responsible for the organizational roles of:

  1. Undertaking a role in the global policy development process
  2. Providing recommendations to the Board of ICANN concerning the recognition of new RIRs, according to agreed requirements and policies as currently described in
  3. Defining procedures for selection of individuals to serve on other ICANN bodies, in particular on the ICANN Board, and implementing any roles assigned to the Address Council in such procedures.
  4. Providing advice to the Board of ICANN on number resource allocation policy, in conjunction with the RIRs.
  5. Developing procedures for conducting business in support of their responsibilities, in particular for the appointment of an Address Council Chair and definition of the Chair’s responsibilities.

See the ASO-AC MoU at is available here for more information.

1. Eligibility

Open to individuals residing within the AFRINIC service region. All nominations (including self nominations) must be supported by two members of the AFRINIC community; the two individuals must not work for the same organization.

A person may only nominate one candidate. In case of multiple nominations by the same person, only the last nomination will be considered valid. AFRINIC or other RIR staff cannot nominate candidates nor be nominated.

Who can vote?

Any one from the AFRINIC community present at the face-to-face meeting who meets the following criteria:

  • Has registered to attend the meeting (must present the meeting badge as proof),
  • Resides in a country within the AFRINIC service region and
  • Is not AFRINIC staff.

Ballots for the vote will be distributed at meeting registration desk by AFRINIC staff.

Voting by Proxy

Proxy voting is not allowed for the NRO-NC representative election.

2. Election timelines

The NRO NC election will be run with the following time-line:


The following is the election timeline for the year 2020
Days to Election Activity Date Activity
88 23 Jun 2020 Send Nomination Information to AFRINIC Staff for publication
86 25 Jun 2020 Publication of Nomination Information
86 25 Jun 2020 Open Candidate Nomination Period
56 25 Jul 2020 Close Candidate Nomination Period
54 27 Jul 2020 Send Received Nominations to Board for Approval
52 29 Jul 2020 Board Review & Transmittance of Approved Nominations to NomCOM
50 31 Jul 2020 Start Review period of (Board Approved) Nominations
40 10 Aug 2020 The end Review period of nominations
39 11 Aug 2020 Prepare and send final candidate slate to Board for "Review" and "Non-binding advice"
37 13 Aug 2020 Board-reviewed slate sent back to NomCom
36 14 Aug 2020 Prepare and send final candidate slate to staff for publication
34 16 Aug 2020 Staff Publication of final candidate Slate & candidate information comment pages
30 20 Aug 2020 Announcement of Final candidate slate & opening of the public comments period
30 24 Aug 2020 Opening of registration for PDP and NRO ASO AC elections
14 05 Sept 2020 Prepare and Publish Announcement for AGMM notice (with final slate & expiring seats)
14 05 Sept 2020 Open e-voting and proxy registration
12 06 Sept 2020 Closing of registration for PDP and NRO ASO AC elections
6 12 Sept 2020 Close of proxy registration & appointment[5 clear days before Election day Board and GovCom]
4 14 Sept 2020 The election period for PDP, NRO-ASO AC will start from 14-Sept-20 and close on the election day being 16-Sep-20 at such time to be communicated during the meeting.
2 16 Sept 2020 Election day for PDP Co-Chair & NRO-ASO AC
0 18 Sept 2020

Election day for Board and GovCom,
Close of electronic voting


3. How to Nominate

Nominations should be submitted on-line here.


4. Nomination Verification

  1. NomCom shall verify that all nominations were submitted within the given period and includes all the required information.
  2. NomCom shall notify nominees and/or the nominator(s) of the reception of the nomination.
  3. Nominators and/or nominees may be notified separately and respectively about ineligible nominations that are rejected by NomCom.


5. Finalising the Slate of Candidates

NomCom shall review all received nominations to verify that the nomination process was followed. They shall then review the nominations to ascertain that all nominees meet the general criteria for an NRO-NC member. NomCom may decide to conduct interviews or perform further background checks on candidates.  After Nomcom concludes evaluations, the final slate of candidates shall be transmitted to AFRINIC staff for publication on the website for public comments.


6. Notification of Candidates

NomCom shall send the final slate of candidates, via e-mail to

  • announce[at],
  • rpd[at]

The candidate list and biographical information will be simultaneously posted on the Election section of the AFRINIC website. The website will provide an online channel for anyone to voice support for any candidate during the open comment period.

During the open comment period, the community may also direct questions to the candidates.


7. Voting

Voting shall be anonymous and done by secret paper ballot. Voters may mark one candidate on each ballot paper. Each mark will be equal to one vote. Marking more than one candidate on a ballot voids that ballot and it shall not be counted.

Elections will be closed as soon as the last meeting participant present in the meeting room casts his/her vote. Victory shall be by simple majority and in the case of a tie, a second round of voting shall be called. Only the candidates that tied in the previous round are eligible for the subsequent round. This shall continue until one candidate receives a clear majority of the votes.


8. Vote Counting and Announcement of Election Results

The CEO, NomCom Chair and two (2) or three (3) volunteers from the other RIRs present in cooperation with AFRINIC Legal Counsel, shall compile the votes to determine the winners.

The Chair of the NomCom shall announces election results after the vote count. The CEO shall send final results via e-mail to all AFRINIC members, and to the following lists:

  • announce [at]
  • rpd [at]

The result will be simultaneously posted on the AFRINIC website.


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