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Update on AFRINIC CEO Recruitment Process

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Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius, 17 October 2019

After the resignation of AFRINIC’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), it was announced during the 2019 Annual General Members’ Meeting (AGMM) that took place on June 2019 in Kampala, Uganda, that the recruitment process for the next CEO would be initiated immediately.

It was also decided that AFRINIC enlist the services of an experienced and reputable recruitment firm to lead the process to ensure a professional, independent and transparent exercise. FedAfrica was consequently hired to undertake the exercise. The Board of Directors also constituted a CEO Search Committee made up of Board Members to oversee the process.

However, following the persistent concerns regarding the recruitment of the next CEO, the Board of Directors wishes to state the following:

  1. The recruitment process for AFRINIC’s next CEO is ongoing and the position will be filled soon as per the revised timelines issued on 17 August 2019 (please see the timelines at:
  2. FedAfrica, the firm hired by AFRINIC to lead the recruitment exercise, shortlisted six applicants for online interviews. The CEO Search Committee attended the interviews as observers. Thereafter, the three best candidates were invited for face-to-face interviews in Mauritius on 11 and 12 October 2019.
  3. The interview sessions were managed by the Chair of the CEO Search Committee in the presence of all AFRINIC Board Members as evaluators and Mrs Deffa Ka, the Manager of FedAfrica, as an observer.
  4. The interview with each candidate lasted two hours. The first thirty minutes were reserved for a presentation which the candidates were asked to prepare on a Roadmap proposal for AFRINIC. The following ninety minutes were devoted to an exchange between the candidate and the Board Members. One Board Member declared a conflict of interest during the interview of a candidate from his country and recused himself from that session.
  5. After each interview, each Board Member was asked to individually evaluate the candidate by filling a scorecard. At the end of the third and last interview, all scorecards were collected, followed immediately by a meeting of the Board Members who participated in the interview sessions. During the meeting, each Member commented and explained their scores and overall recommendations relative to their ranking of the candidates interviewed. 
  6. The Chair of the CEO Search Committee filed the report of the interview sessions, detailing the recruitment process and the scores for each candidate. The report was then handed over to the Board of Directors for further deliberations.
  7. The leakage of the name of one of the candidates by a Board Member happened on Saturday, 12 October 2019, after all the interviews and the work of the Committee had been concluded. 
  8. On Sunday, 13 October 2019, the Board of Directors, held its meeting to discuss the leakage. The Member concerned, Mr. Robert Ford Nkusi, the Eastern Africa representative who was also the Board Vice-Chairman, admitted being responsible for the leakage and offered his resignation for divulging confidential Board deliberations in breach of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Mr. Nkusi’s resignation was accepted by the Board of Directors (via Resolution 201910.525 which states that: WHEREAS the Board has taken cognisance of the letter of resignation of Mr Robert Ford Nkusi as Board Member; RESOLVED to accept the said letter and thank Mr Robert Ford Nkusi for his contribution to AFRINIC). The decision was immediately communicated to AFRINIC members on Sunday, 13 October 2019.
  9. The Board of Directors again met on Sunday, 13 October 2019, to consider the report and recommendations of the CEO Search Committee. They adopted the report via resolution 201910.527. Resolution 201910.527 states: WHEREAS the Board has considered the report of the CEO Search Committee; RESOLVED to accept the recommendation of the CEO Search Committee relative to the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer of AFRINIC Ltd.
  10. The Board of Directors selected the next possible CEO based on the highest aggregate score. The name of the next CEO will be announced once contractual negotiations are finalised.

We hope the above puts to rest concerns raised by AFRINIC members, the Internet community and others.


Resignation of Director, Finance and Accounting

The Board would also like to announce that Mr Patrisse Deesse has resigned from his position as Director, Finance and Accounting. He is currently serving notice until 7 January 2020. He is also currently serving as AFRINIC’s Interim CEO, a position he will relinquish once the next CEO assumes duty.

The Board will commence the recruitment process for a new Director, Finance and Accounting in due course.



Dr. Christian D. Bope

Chairman, AFRINIC Board of Directors


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