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Why and how to become an AFRINIC Resource Member. Know your eligibility

As a Regional Internet Registry, the allocation and assignment of Internet number resources is AFRINIC's core activity. All information related to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, AS numbers and reverse delegations are registered in the AFRINIC database and made publicly available through our Whois database.


Resource Membership Types

AFRINIC Resource Membership Type

An AFRINIC Resource Member is a legal entity or person that meets the requirements for Internet number resources allocations and/or assignment and who signs the Registration Service Agreement.


Resource Membership consist of the following sub-types:


  1. Local Internet Registry (LIR): A Local Internet Registry (LIR) is an Internet Registry (IR) that receives allocations from AFRINIC and primarily sub-allocates or assigns address space to their customers. LIRs are generally ISPs.
  2. End User (EU): Any entity, corporate or individual that receive services (Number Resources assignments) directly from AFRINIC for exclusive use on its own service infrastructure.



Note: AFRINIC provides only IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, AS numbers, and reverse DNS delegations to networks in the AFRINIC service region. AFRINIC does not provide domain name registration services.

Benefits of being an AFRINIC Resource Member

Requesting resources: Steps and Eligibility criteria

Please use the tables below to find out which AFRINIC-delegated resources you are eligible for. You can propose changes to the current criteria or other AFRINIC policies that may affect your eligibility. Post your ideas to the AFRINIC policy working group mailing list. You can first subscribe by sending mail to policy-wg-request [at] AFRINIC dot net with subscribe in the subject bar. To post to the list, send mail to policy-wg [at] AFRINIC dot net




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