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AFRINIC Services outage May 30, 2019 - post mortem report

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On May 30, 2019 AFRINIC services faced a major outage. At 14:29 MUT on that same day, AFRINIC NOC team started receiving alert about service unavailability and degradation. The team reacted instantly to identify the root cause of the alerts and restore services.

Few minutes later, communication was sent to inform our community and our fellow RIR on the ongoing outage. NOC team also proceed to activate counter measure and allow some critical services to be restored from another location.

Upon further investigation we determined that all AFRINIC’s equipment at our main data centre in Johannesburg had lost power. The issue was fixed with the help of our hosting partner Internet Solution which team was, once the problem was identified, quick to respond and provide a remediation to our outage.

It is unfortunate that this incident happened while the AFRINIC infrastructure enhancement plan is still in his implementation phase, but our community can rest assure that AFRINIC is moving toward its goal to provide resilience to AFRINIC infrastructure.

Once again, we thank our community for the support and encouragement while we go through this unfortunate issue.

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