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Research Studies



research studiesAFRINIC identified four main areas of research, which include:

  1. Internet Technical Infrastructure
  2. Internet Access
  3. Internet Policy and Governance
  4. Internet Resilience
  5. Internet Standards and Protocols

For each of the four core research areas, one lead programme or project is designed to shape the profile of an area and further research initiatives are developed through this programme. Internet Consumption, as well as Coordination and Decision-Making, are two overarching research themes that are relevant to all four research areas.

These two research themes not only overlap and link the various research projects together but also stimulate interdisciplinary research that contributes to the strength of the AFRINIC research capabilities.

The research themes also form the important building blocks for the evolving profile of AFRINIC research within the emerging global network of Internet research institutes.

As our research programme evolves, we expect to develop more cross-cutting topics and concepts in the field of Internet research.



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