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What does RIPE Atlas do for you?

In addition to the built-in measurements, anyone who hosts a probe earns credits they can use on their own customized measurements to gain valuable information about the reachability of their own (or their ISP’s) network. You can generally see which destinations you can reach from your network and via which paths. But with the help of RIPE Atlas, you can also do the reverse and check the reachability of your network from a distributed network of vantage points around the world.

There are thousands of active probes in the RIPE Atlas network, and it is continually growing. Even if you don’t host a probe yourself (or there are already enough in your region), everyone can access the data made available by other RIPE Atlas users. You can browse the measurements towards your country or ASN, for example, or towards a hostname of interest. There are various user interfaces available, including maps, a searchable, web-based interface, an API and various other ready-to-use tools and visualizations.

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