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How to host an Anchor?

RIPE Atlas anchor could be hosted as a hardware or a virtual machine but the requirements are mostly the same as detailed below. Note that AfriNIC sponsors a number of hardware Anchor deployments on IXPs every year but also provides support for virtual anchor deployment on the IXPs as well as other networks. To be able to implement the Atlas Anchor please ensure that you have:


A management network consisting of:
  1. Provider Independent (PI) Address space & ASN,
  2. For an IXP:
    1. Internet access to the IXP Management Network through a transit provider,
    2. IXP Management Network is peering at the IXP with other local ISPs.

A Management Network consisting of:
Provider-Aggregatable (PA) Address space from an AfriNIC member.
For an IXP:
Internet access to the IXP Management Network through the PA Address space provider,
The PA address space is reachable through the IXP peers - i.e the PA address space provider is a peering member at the IXP.

If you have either of the above network topologies, please confirm that you are able to provide the network requirements below;

1. The anchor may require up to 10 Mbit bandwidth (it currently requires much less)
2. Static IPv4 address that needs to be unfiltered (NO firewall)
3. The anchor requires a single RJ45 network connection (For hardware anchor. See hardware and OS requirements for VM anchor here)


Optional - IPv6 address (if IPv6 is announced in the host ASN) needs to be native and unfiltered (NO firewall)

If interested and willing to participate in either type of deployments (VM or Hardware) and are able to meet the outlined requirements, please get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to have more information about how to start the process.


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