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Board Meetings & Resolutions

Board Meetings and Resolutions 2008

Date Resolutions January2008 Resolution 200801.58 Resolution 200801.59 Resolution 200801.60 Resolution 200801.61 Resolution 200801.62 Resolution 200801.63 Resolution 200801.64 read more..

Board Meetings & Resolutions

Board Meetings and Resolutions 2007

Date Resolutions February2007 Resolution 200702.35 May2007 Resolution 200705.36 Resolution 200705.37 Resolution 200705.38 Resolution 200705.39 Resolution 200705.40 read more..

Board Meetings & Resolutions

Board Meetings and Resolutions 2006

Date Resolutions January2006 Resolution 200601.22 Resolution 200601.23 Resolution 200601.24 May2006 Resolution 200605.26 Resolution 200605.27 Resolution 200605.28 R read more..

Board Meetings & Resolutions

Board Meetings and Resolutions 2005

Date Resolutions May2005 Resolution 200505.18 Resolution 200505.19 Resolution 200505.20 Resolution 200505.21 May 2005 Resolution 200505.18 that the AfriNIC bank a read more..

Board Meetings & Resolutions

Board Meetings and Resolutions 2004

Date Resolutions May2004 Resolution 200405.01 Resolution 200405.02 Resolution 200405.03 Resolution 200405.04 Resolution 200405.05 Resolution 200405.06 Resolution 200405.07 Reso read more..

Board Meetings & Resolutions

Board Meetings and Resolutions 2018

Date Resolutions Minutes January Resolution 201801.387 Minutes of Meeting Held on 05 January 2018 March Resolution 201802.388 Resolution 201802.389 Reso read more..

About Us

Board of Directors

AFRINIC operations are overseen by a Board of Directors (BoD) which is elected by members on a regional representation basis as defined by Article 13 of the byla read more..

About Us

Contact us

Contacts Details Public Holidays Closure Contacts Details   Our regular business hours are 9 am to 5.30 pm (UTC +4) Monday to Friday except on public holidays. You may also read more..

Our Team

Careers at AFRINIC

As a Regional Internet Number Registry, AFRINIC offers a unique opportunity to be at the core of the Internet development both globally and in its service region, which covers the African continent an... read more..

Our Team


AFRINIC's organisational structure facilitates a bottom-up, self governance model where policies and other organisational functions are determined by AFRINIC Members and the AFRINIC com... read more..

Our Team


  Listed in alphabetical order   Staff Interns Staff   Staff     DepartmentStaffPosition CapacityBuilding Adebowale Aduloju Senior Learning Experie read more..

Blog (EN)

IXP assists with accessibility, cost of Internet in developing economies

When the only connectivity in an environment is offered by commercial network operators, Internet development tends to be slow. This has certainly been the case in my home, Nigeria, where every improv... read more..



AFRINIC runs several projects for the development of Internet infrastructure and services in the African region. Click below to learn more. Fund For Internet Research And Education (FIRE) Africa... read more..


AFRINIC, AIS, AF* and regional Events

About AFRINIC holds two open public policy meetings every year in various locations throughout its service region. AFRINIC Meetings provide a unique opportunity for Internet-related individ... read more..



Non Turpis Placerat eget faucibus ullamcorper sodales neque dictum ut lacinia habitant hac per volutpat iaculis varius eu libero iaculis fermentum gravida ac ornare cursus a Dictumst Lacus Fel... read more..

About Us

About Us

The African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Africa. It is responsible for the distribution and management of Internet number resources - IP address spa... read more..


Implementation of the IPv4 Resources Transfer within the AFRINIC service region policy

AFRINIC is pleased to announce that the policy "IPv4 Resources Transfer within the AFRINIC service region" has been implemented. The policy is incorporated in Section 5.7 of the Consolidate... read more..


Governance Committee Letter to the Community

Dear Community,   The Governance Committee (GC) would like to first thank the community for electing/nominating and having confidence in them to steer AFRINIC’s Governance Agenda. The GC had i... read more..


Call for Nominations into AFRINIC Board

NomCom2018 is pleased to announce that the AFRINIC Board Nomination process is open for the following seats: Seat 5 (Southern Africa), currently held by Lucky Masilela; Seat 6 (Eastern Africa), cu... read more..


Call for Nominations - AFRINIC Governance Committee (GC) Members

The AFRINIC Governance Committee is a standing committee whose purpose is to advise the AFRINIC Board, AFRINIC Membership, and the community, on matters of governance. NomCom is hereby calling for no... read more..


Call for Nominations for Co-Chair of the Policy Development Working Group

The AFRINIC NomCom2018 is pleased to invite nominations for 1 Co-Chair of the Policy Development Working Group (PDWG) for a 2-year term, starting from the Public Policy Meeting in AFRINIC-28 to the Pu... read more..


Call for Nominations - AFRINIC Policy Development Appeal Committee

The AFRINIC Policy Development Appeal Committee is a standing committee to adjudicate on appeals in terms of the Conflict Resolution section of the AFRINIC Policy Development Process (PDP). Any such a... read more..


Call for Presentations AIS'18 is Now Open

The Call for Presentations for the Africa Internet Summit, AIS’18 is now open. We invite all individuals wishing to present during the meeting, which will be held in Dakar Senegal from 29 April to 11 ... read more..


Tuesday 13 February and Friday 16 February 2018 are public holidays in Mauritius

Please note that Tuesday 13 February and Friday 16 February 2018 are public holidays in Mauritius. In this regard, AFRINIC Offices shall be closed. Any urgent issues can be addressed to: This ema... read more..


IANA Numbering Services Review Committee seeks input - 30-day public comments period

As a result of the successful IANA Stewardship transition [1] in 2016, the IANA Numbering Services are today being managed through an SLA between ICANN and the five RIRs. IANA Numbering Services Revi... read more..


NomCom Appointment

The AFRINIC Board has appointed the following people to the Nomination Committee (NomCom) for the 2018 year: Kaleem Ahmed Usmani (Mauritius) Komi Elitcha (Togo) Wale Adedokun (Nigeria) Haitham E... read more..

Governance Committee Meetings

Governance Committee Meeting Report | 2018 Feb

Click here to download   This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF   read more..

Governance Committee Meetings

Governance Committee Meeting Report | 2018 May

Click here to download   This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF   read more..


ASO Review Consultation 2018

The most recent ASO Review concluded with 18 recommendations, which the NRO has resolved to accept. The first 17 recommendations are well defined and practical, and can be implemented by actions ... read more..

Research Publications

Internet development in Africa: a content use, hosting and distribution perspective

With increasing demand for videos, streaming media, and for services such as cloud computing in Africa, broadband performance, and specifically how users experience performance, becomes increasingly i... read more..

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