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Board Meetings and Resolutions 2004

Date Resolutions


May 2004

Resolution 200405.01

Following the good report given by the Project Manager and the different hosting countries present on the setup progress, the BoT resolved that a letter of appreciation should be sent to:

  • South Africa DoC. 
  • ISP Association of Mauritius.
  • Egypt MICT.
  • UUNET South Africa.


Resolution 200405.02

Resolved that AfriNIC will adopt a logo similar to the following visual:

af logo 0 

Some change need to be make on it like the spelling of AfriNIC, adding one color and including Indian Ocean region. The Board mandates the Project Manager to it up.


Resolution 200405.03

Resolved that AfriNIC need a mission statement and endorsed the proposal made by the Project Manager as follows:

"To provide professional and efficient distribution of Internet number resources to the African Internet community, to support Internet technology usage and development across the continent and to strengthen Internet self-governance in Africa by encouraging participatory policy development."


Resolution 200405.04

Resolve to approve 20004 Budget proposed by the Project Manager and awaiting approval in the member meeting.


Resolution 200405.05

Resolved to setup an Application for Recognition Committee to conduct this process and ensure that the time line for the application is met.


Resolution 200405.06

Acknowledged the common willingness of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and cooperation with Agence Intergouvernementale de la Francophonie who expressed intent to fund part of AfriNIC's startup and thanked them for this support and willingness to work closely with them to finalize the Agreement.


Resolution 200405.07

Acknowledged the good work done by the Project Manager and congratulated him for conducting the AfriNIC process to a notable progress. The AfriNIC board recommends a formal appointment of Adiel Akplogan as CEO as soon as a formal AfriNIC board is elected.


Resolution 200405.08

The Board Resolve to dissolve the current AfriNIC interim Board as requested by the Original bylaw.


September 2004

Resolution 200409.09

That membership of the following Board committees be established: Communication Committee: Charles Musisi, Alam Levin, Adiel Akplogan, Brian Longwe Finance Committee (include fund raising Issue): Viv Padayatchy, Alan Barrett, Adiel Akplogan, Brian Longwe Meeting Committee: Pierre Dandjinou, Adiel Akplogan, Kenny Yiptong


Resolution 200409.10

AfrINIC board adopt the delegation of authority version-1 of September 2004 as described in the appended document afadmauth20040915-001.


Resolution 200409.11

Further resolved that Adiel Akplogan, as Chief Executive Officer, is authorized to enter into financial transactions in the name of the Registry in accordance with the above guidelines and limitations with the following exceptions:

Contractual Agreements approved by the Board(s) in excess of the $30,000 limitation.


Resolution 200409.12

In line with the company delegation of authority, Dr. Viv Padayatchy will act for the Board as signatory of financial documents as described in the delegation au authority document v.1


December 2004

Resolution 200412.13

The Board Resolved that the resolutions of the board will be numbered by using a 4 digit year, a 2 digit month, a dot and a serial number. The serial number will not be reset at regular intervals.


Resolution 200412.14

that action items of the board will be numbered by using a 4 digit year, a 2 digit month, a dash and finally an action number. The serial number will be reset every month.


Resolution 200412.15

that the minute of meeting of September 9th 2004 is adopted


Resolution 200412.16

that board meeting conference call should be held on every first Thursday every two months and at least 3 face to face meeting annually.


Resolution 200412.17

that Afrinic II will be held in Maputo, Mozambique. Proposed dates: 26th and 27th April.



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