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Board Meetings and Resolutions 2005

Date Resolutions

May 2005

Resolution 200505.18

that the AfriNIC bank account signatory persons will be Adiel Akplogan (as CEO), Viv Padayachee (as representative of the Board), and Harish Gowrisunkur (as CFO);

Resolution 200505.19

that the above-mentioned signatory persons be authorized to act in accordance with AfriNIC authorization policy (afadm-auth20040915- 001);

Resolution 200505.20

that AfriNIC's bankers be furnished with copies of the relevant policies and resolutions, including this resolution.

Resolution 200505.21

that Adiel Akplogan, as Chief Executive Officer, is authorized to enter into financial transactions in the name of the Registry in accordance with the above guidelines and limitations with the following exceptions:

  • Contractual Agreements approved by the Board(s) in excess of the $30,000 limitation.


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