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Board Documents

This page contains documents published by the board.


Date Documents Summary
22 Dec 2020 AFRINIC Directors’ Declaration of Interests This document is intended for Directors of AFRINIC Ltd. to disclose their significant interests that could give rise to actual or potential conflicts of interest.
15 Jun 2019 Procedure for appointment and removal by AFRINIC Board

This document describes how the AFRINIC Board will make appointments to various committees or other bodies, excluding appointments to Board committees.

It also describes how the Board can remove appointees, including persons who were elected or appointed by the AFRINIC membership or community.

31 May 2019 Board NDA This document is the Non-Disclosure Agreement between AFRINIC and a Board Director.  
23 Apr 2019 AFRINIC 2019 AGMM Quorum This document contains a redacted version of the Court record for case SC/COM/MOT/01411/2018 in the Supreme Court of Mauritius.
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