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CEO's Monthly Update - February 2020

  Not only did I not find any catch but I discovered a community that I had no clue existed. I heard of IPv6 for the first time and later registered for a course that happened at AFR read more..

Host an AFRINIC IPv6 Deployathon

Africa now has only about 2 million IPv4 addresses. This is grossly inadequate to support the over 500 million Africans who are still not connected to the Internet. It is time for us to transition to ... read more..

Call for volunteers: AFRINIC Nomination Committee (NomCom) 2020

The AFRINIC Board is required to appoint a Nomination Committee (NomCom) every year, in terms of article 9 of the Bylaws On behalf of the Board, I hereby call for v... read more..

AFRINIC Board approves new election process and guidelines

Dear AFRINIC members and community, The AFRINIC Board has approved a new election process and guidelines, which is published at These are the princip... read more..

Call for comments - Board Seat 6 East Africa

We are pleased to announce the final list of candidates for Seat 6 - Eastern region - on the AFRINIC Board. The following are the candidates: Fiona Asonga Kenneth Bagarukayo Jabhera Matogoro P... read more..

CEO's Monthly Update - January 2020

Few changes happened in Committees as the year started: Mr Seun Ojedeji is now the Board Liaison to the Governance Committee in place of Mr Serge Ilunga; Mr Daniel Nanghaka appointed as Board Ap read more..

AFRINIC enters IPv4 Exhaustion Phase 2

    CHANGES IN EXHAUSTION PHASE 2 When Exhaustion Phase 2 begins, most current IPv4 policies continue to apply, but certain changes take effect: Minimum IPv4 Allocation or Assignment read more..

Call for Comments - AFRINIC Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Thank you for your participation and feedback during the session on the assessment of the current Strategic Plan on Wednesday, 4 December 2019, during AFRINIC 31 in Luanda, Angola. As discussed, we a... read more..

End of Year Office Closure (2019)

Please note that AFRINIC Offices shall be closed on the following dates: 24 December 2019 - Office Closure (Half Day) 25 December 2019 - Christmas (Public Holiday) 26 & 27 December 2019 - Off... read more..

AFRINIC Board Updates

Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius.    The Board would like to share the following information with the AFRINIC community at large.   Completion of the CEO search process After a rigorous... read more..

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