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Statement of the Number Resource Organization on Allegations Against AFRINIC

  It has come to the attention of the Number Resource Organization (“NRO”) that certain members of the Internet community have expressed concerns regarding AFRINIC, the Regional Internet Registr read more..

AFRINIC Bulk WHOIS Service Incident Report

    AFRINIC became aware of a WHOIS data privacy and security issue and we wanted to share the details of the incident with you. In the process of handling a request for support from a re read more..

2-Factor Authentication for MyAFRINIC

  Two-factor authentication (2FA), sometimes referred to as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security process in which users provide two different authentication factors read more..

CEO's Monthly Update - June 2021

    AIS’21 Online Highlights It was the second time that we were having the meeting online and this time, we had a lot of improvements which were mostly lessons learned from AIS’20. Thi read more..

AIS’21 Online Meeting Concluded

  The African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) in collaboration with the Africa Network Operators Group (AfNOG) have proudly concluded the second AIS’21 virtual conference. The event took p read more..

Election Result for AFRINIC Chair and Vice-Chair

  Dear Colleagues,    We are pleased to announce the re-appointment of Mr Subramanian Moonesamy as Chair and Prof. Habib Youssef as Vice-Chair of the AFRINIC Board of Directors durin read more..

AFRINIC Election Results 2021

  Dear Colleagues,   It was nice seeing you at the AIS’21 Online Meeting. Please allow me to thank you most sincerely on behalf of AFRINIC for attending the meeting during which two elect read more..

Electronic voting & proxy appointment now open for the AFRINIC Board and Governance Committee

  AFRINIC members and the community are hereby informed that electronic voting is now open for the AFRINIC Board and Governance Committee elections. Both services are accessible through the MyAF read more..

Governance Committee Communique

  At the AFRINIC Special General Members Meeting (the “Assembly”) held on 30 November 2016, the Assembly constituted the Governance Committee (the “Committee”). The Committee’s ToRs are as foll read more..

CEO's Monthly Update - May 2021

  Dear Colleagues,   It is my hope that you are keeping safe, I share below some updates on AFRINIC activities for the month of May 2021.   Security features for MyAFRINIC and RPKI read more..

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