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Board Meetings and Resolutions 2010

Date Resolutions


February 2010

Resolution 201002.85

Considering the board decision to provide AfriNIC with a new Office space and considering the Information provided by the staff, the bard authorize AfriNIC to enter into an agreement with New Capricorn Service Ltd. for a total amount of MUR 6,550,000 + VAT (Six Million Five Hundred Fifty Thousand Mauritius Rupies plus VAT) representing the cost of design, fit out, Electrical/Data cabling, Electrical installation of the new Office space. The board further instruct the CEO and the Chair to represent the company in signing the contract with the appointed contractor.

April 2010

Resolution 201004.86

After reviewing a list of volunteers submitted by the CEO, the Bord appoints the 2010 Nomination and Election committee members as followed:

  • Badru Ntege
  • Timothy McGuiness
  • Kris Seeburn
  • Mark Elkins

The term of the The NOmination and Election committee ends after the NRO-NC election at AfriNIC-13.

May 2010

Resolution 201005.87

The Board, after reviewing a proposal submitted by the Staff and the financial committee, approved AfriNIC 2010 Operational Budget at Two Million One Hundred Ninety two Thousand and One hundred US dollars (UDS 2,192,160).

Resolution 201005.88

The Board, after reviewing the report submitted by the Policy Development Procese Moderator Group, approved the policy AFPUB-2009-ASN-001 as a proposal endorsed by the AfriNIC community to be an amendement to the Global Policy for Allocation of ASN Blocks to RIRs by IANA.

Resolution 201005.89

That the AfriNIC bank account signatory persons will be Adiel Ayodélé Akplogan (as CEO), Viv Padayachy (as representative of the Board in Mauritius), Razi Ahmad Muslun (as Business Area Manager - BAM) and NIshal Goburdhan (As Technical Operations Area Manager - TOAM) as per the Delegation of authority in the table above (v.5).

Resolution 201005.90

The Board approves the minutes of 10 and 13 May 2010 as presented by the secretariat.

Resolution 201005.91

The Board after reviewing the performance of its committees has decided: a) to dissolve the Remuneration Committee b) to merge the Audit and Financial committee together with the same Term of Reference. The Board also agreed to keep the Nomination/Election committee as setup. The composition of the Finance and Audit committee will be as followed:

  • Mark Elkins (Chair)
  • Viv Padayatchy
  • Walubengo John
  • Didier Kasole
  • Adiel Akplogan


July 2010

Resolution 201007.92

The Board agrees that AfriNIC process document should be amended to include a derogation to enable the Board to elect the new Chairperson at the first Board meeting following the annual elections and any other Board meeting designated by the Board.”

Resolution 201007.93

The Board unanimously accepts the proposal to allow the current Chair to continue his mandate pending the election of the new Chairperson”.

Resolution 201007.94

The Board approves the draft minutes of the face to face meeting held in Kigali on 31 May 2010 as presented by the Secretariat”

Resolution 201007.95

The AfriNIC Board would like to express a special recognition to Mokthar Hamidi and Rachida Jouhari for their contribution to the AfriNIC board during their mandates. Their commitment and support has greatly contributed to the Organisations success. Both the Board and the AfriNIC community will forever value their views and advice. We wish them all the best for the future.”

Resolution 201007.96

The AfriNIC Board would like to express a special recognition to Pierre Dandjinou and Sunday Folayan as pioneer members of the first formally elected Board, for their continuous commitment and support to the success of AfriNIC since its foundation. Both the Board and the AfriNIC community will forever value their views and advice. We wish them all the best for the future.

Resolution 201007.97

The Board agrees that there is no need for extending the comment period and instructs the CEO to finalise the new RSA and follow the process to activate it.

Resolution 201007.98

The Board moves to adjourn the meeting of 14 July 2010 at 17:55 UTC.

Resolution 201007.99

The Board approves the draft minutes of the teleconference meeting held on 14 September 2010 as presented by the Secretariat”

Resolution 201007.100

The Board moves to adjourn the meeting of 8 September 2010 at 16:35 UTC.

November 2010

Resolution 201011.101

The Board approves the draft minutes of the teleconference meeting held on 8 September 2010 as presented by the Secretariat

Resolution 201011.102

The Board resolves to appoint a Sub-Committee on Human Resources and Performance-based Remuneration, composed of VP, MJE, AT, MD and the CEO with the mandate to look into the key positions and staff retention policy and come up with a report in two weeks”

Resolution 201011.103

The Board resolves to update AfriNIC policy on the Board qualifications for candidates of AfriNIC Board elections to include the following criteria:

(i) Participation on mailing lists or meetings at least for one year

(ii) Proven management abilities/background; and

(iii) Involvement in the internet industry”

Resolution 201011.104

The Board resolves to update AfriNIC policy on the Board Members requirements to include the following obligations:

(i) Attend at least one face-to-face meeting and minimum of four teleconferences

(ii) Participate on the mailing list at least one hour per week; and

(iii) Participate in at least one sub-committee”

Resolution 201011.105

The Board adopts the new AfriNIC?s mission statement to read as follows To serve the African community by providing professional and efficient management of internet number resources, supporting internet technology usage and development, and promoting a participative and multi-stakeholder approach to Internet self-governance.”

Resolution 201011.106

The Board resolves to replace the word “related” by “relevant” in the sixth core value statement to read as follows: “We value collaboration and cooperation with relevant organizations.”

Resolution 201011.107

The Board resolves to adopt the new RSA which was presented at the last Public Policy Meeting

Resolution 201011.108

The Board adopts the following Schedule of Board Meetings for the year 2011:

  • January :20/01/2011 - 15:00 UTC [Special Budget Meeting]
  • February :09/02/2011 - 15:00 UTC
  • April :13/04/2011 - 15:00 UTC
  • June :13/05/2011 - 15:00 UTC [Face 2 Face during AfriNIC-14]
  • August :11/06/2011 - 15:00 UTC
  • October :09/07/2011 - 15:00 UTC
  • November :10/09/2011 - 15:00 UTC [Face 2 Face during AfriNIC-15]”


Resolution 201011.109

The Board resolves to extend the mandate of the current chair until the next election process.

Resolution 201011.110

The Board moves to adjourn the meeting of 30 November 2010 at 12.45 MUT.


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