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CEO's Monthly Update - March 2022

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CEO's Monthly Update - March 2022



Dear Colleagues,


Please see updates below:


AFRINIC Outreach

This month saw a number of collaborations with different governments and meetings with AFRINIC resource members. AFRINIC participated in the 5th Smart Africa Council of Ministers of ICT (CMICT5), which took place in Congo Brazzaville. The AFRINIC team interacted with over 20 African Ministers among other Government representatives on the role and the importance of AFRINIC in the ecosystem of the African Internet Governance and the digital transformation the continent is embracing.

The AFRINIC Team visited Benin and Cote d'Ivoire from March 07th-11th and 14th -18th March 2022, respectively, as part of our 2022 outreach initiatives now known as the “AFRINIC Jenga Project”. Here, the AFRINIC delegation met with AFRINIC Resource Members, the ICT Ministers, and Regulators among other sector players in these countries and discussed opportunities to leverage further collaboration and increase the adoption of AFRINIC services to accelerate the digital transformation in the region.


The Africa Internet Summit 2022 (AIS’22)

The Africa Internet Summit is set to take place in Mauritius from the 30th May-3rd June 2022. This year we are looking at having the Summit in a Hybrid meeting format. Delegate Registration for this meeting is ongoing.

The AIS’22 Secretariat is also calling on members of our community to share their innovations and projects during the Summit through presentation proposals. We are providing our community members with an opportunity to submit presentations and further information on how to submit in the Presentations Proposals Guide available on the AIS’22 website. A further call is made to our community to support the meeting through Partnerships and sponsorships. We are appealing to African ISPs to fully participate in the AIS’22 and support regional meetings through such partnerships.

I take this opportunity to remind you about the invitation to the AF* Public meeting that will take place on 31 March 2022 from 12:00-14:00 UTC. Registration is ongoing.


MyAFRINIC Member Credentials

It has come to our knowledge that some AFRINIC resource members may have been solicited and enticed with financial incentives for the purpose of sharing their MyAFRINIC login credentials in view of the AFRINIC's forthcoming Board Elections. Whilst such attempts are strongly condemned, it is important to remind the AFRINIC Community that it is essential that the integrity of AFRINIC's elections is preserved at all times.


Court Updates

Coming back to the appeal that was initiated by Cloud Innovation Ltd, you will recall that AFRINIC received a favourable judgement on 14 February 2022. As such, the case that Cloud Innovation Ltd had initiated on 24 March 2021 is now closed. As for the other cases, those are still pending, and we trust that they will also be dealt with expeditiously. In the meantime, AFRINIC shall continue to collaborate with all institutions and other stakeholders as we continue to deliver on our mandate as a responsible Regional Internet Registry.


I wish you well as we pursue our common goals.

Thank You.


Kind Regards,

Eddy Kayihura,
Chief Executive Officer,
African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC)
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