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Access to MyAFRINIC

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For the sake of AFRINIC’s Board election, the AFRINIC Nomination Committee (NomCom) and Election Committee (E-Com) have been respectively entrusted with the tasks of the selection of candidates and the running of the elections.

One of the cornerstones of such a task is the “MyAfrinic” login credentials which serve as an identifying instrument in this exercise.

It has come to AFRINIC's knowledge that some of its members may have been solicited, together with such financial incentive, for the purpose of sharing their MyAfrinic login credentials in view of the AFRINIC's forthcoming board's elections.

Whilst AFRINIC strongly condemns such an attempt, we find it apposite to remind our members that the login credentials are private and confidential to our members only. We also find it appropriate to remind our members that voting is a right attributed to our members only and it is essential that the integrity of AFRINIC's elections is preserved at all times.

Consequently, we advise our members to be aware of the risks associated with sharing their respective login credentials to third parties, and that AFRINIC shall not be held liable or responsible for any damage or harm caused as a result of such unauthorised disclosure.

AFRINIC calls upon members to exercise caution and act in the best interest of the Community.



Eddy Kayihura M.
Chief Executive Officer
African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) Ltd.



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