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CEO's Monthly Update - January 2021

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Dear Colleagues,


It is my hope that you have started the year on a good note and are keeping well. It is my pleasure to share with you the first monthly update of this year.


AFRINIC Office Opened

The AFRINIC Office is now open, this is after several months of closure in adherence to the COVID-19 safety protocols and guidance by the Mauritian Authorities as well as office renovation works. During this time, we could only serve you virtually as has been the global norm lately. With this said, the team is happy to be back and are energised to serve you this year bidding to bring to reality our vision of a secure and robust Internet in Africa.


AFRINIC WHOIS Database audit Report

As you may be aware, AFRINIC published an audit of all IPv4 number resources, which consisted of verifying the rightful custodianship of those resources, including both legacy and non-legacy resources that fall under AFRINIC’s service region. We have produced a blog that highlights the findings of the report as well as what changes and improvements we have done at AFRINIC in wake of the audit report.

The blog is available here:


Collaboration between AFRINIC and the African Telecommunication Union (ATU)

AFRINIC has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the African Telecommunication Union (ATU) a specialised agency of the African Union in the field of telecommunications. This collaboration will pave the way for both ATU and AFRINIC to work closely together towards a more reliable, accessible, affordable and resilient Internet to support the Digital Transformation on the continent.

The Press Release for this event is available here.


I wish you well as we pursue our common goals and aspirations.

Thank you.


Kind Regards,


Eddy Kayihura,




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