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CEO's Monthly Update - November 2020

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Dear Colleagues,


I hope that you are all keeping well. It is that time that I share with you the monthly updates.


AFRINIC Strategic Plan 2021-2023

I am glad to announce the launch of the AFRINIC Strategic Plan 2021-2023, which has been in the works since October 2019. It was a collaborative process for our community and members where we received valuable feedback.

Thank you to all who contributed your ideas and expertise to help us come up with this plan that looks into our journey towards fulfilling our objectives for the next three years. 


Agile Transformation

As mentioned in my previous updates, much is happening in AFRINIC- most of which might not have caught your attention. Early this month, our staff went through Agile Transformation training. This approach will help us swiftly adjust in an ever-changing environment while creating incremental value for our customers.

We foresee more fruitful interactions with our members and our community as we strive to serve you better.


Database Accuracy

The AFRINIC WHOIS Database Accuracy report covers the improvements and accuracy applied to our WHOIS database throughout this year. The information will be available next month.

We appreciate all the contributions made by the supporters of this project. As stated previously, we are aware that each action is disputable in court, which makes it critical that we take all necessary precautions and due diligence before taking any action or releasing any data publicly.



It is now one year since I joined AFRINIC as the Chief Executive Officer. Our Communications team recently interviewed me, and they have penned down my reflections of the last one-year at AFRINIC. Please read the blog here.


I wish you good health and happiness as we pursue our common goals and aspirations.


Kind Regards,


Eddy Kayihura




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