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Register for the AFRINIC Database Working Group Session

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Register for the AFRINIC Database Working Group Session

The AFRINIC Database Working Group (DBWG) is pleased to invite you to a working session on whois database issues.

The session aims to discuss whois database issues and gather ideas and feedback from the community on how we can improve the database.

Date: 30 September 2020

Time: 09:00 - 13:30 UTC

Register here: <>

The agenda for the event is as follows:

1. Introductory remarks
2. Agenda discussion and confirmation
3. Discussion of Working Group procedures
4. 2nd co-chair election or nomination
5. Review of the previous Database Working Group session minutes
6. Update from the AFRINIC Applications unit
7. Update from AFRINIC Member Services department on database accuracy improvement

Break: 20 mins

8. Database security enhancement proposal
9. Database Working Group work items
10. Presentation from other Working Group members
11. RPKI ANS0 implementation plan presented by Research & Innovation team
12. AOB

We look forward to your registration and active participation in the session.


AFRINIC Database Working Group




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