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Table of changes: AFRINIC Bylaw review

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Table of changes: AFRINIC Bylaw review

Dear Members and Community,


The GovCom was mandated to, inter alia, review the existing provisions of the AFRINIC Bylaws and to propose such amendments, where necessary.

In this context, the GovCom had previously called for comments as well as proposals for amendments from various stakeholders, including the Community.

Consequently, after analysing all input received from its stakeholders, the GovCom hereby presents to the Community a draft table available here (PDF) containing its proposed amendments to the existing Bylaws with the rationale added thereto.

The GovCom, therefore, invites the community to take cognisance of the aforesaid proposed amendments as well as to submit to the Secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) any further comment(s) before the final document is produced. However, please note that the present publication is not an invitation for new proposed amendments. This is an opportunity for the community to comment on the amendments being proposed. 

The GovCom wishes to thank the community once again for its valuable contribution in its review of the Bylaws and looks forward to continuous beneficial engagement.




Abdalla Omari
Chair, Governance Committee



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