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AFRINIC Board of Directors Announces Departure of AFRINIC CEO

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Ebene, Mauritius, 30 April 2019. - The AFRINIC Board of Directors would like to announce that the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Alan Barrett, will be leaving AFRINIC with effect from 26th July 2019. The AFRINIC Board of Directors sincerely thank Mr. Alan Barrett for his selfless dedication, commitment and outstanding contribution to the global and African Internet community.

“I have taken the difficult decision to leave AFRINIC, after four years as CEO. I have been both proud to serve the African community, and humble to realise how small my own contributions have been. Any success that AFRINIC has enjoyed has been the result of a joint effort by many people, including the previous CEO, our dedicated and talented staff, Board members past and present, our vibrant community, and volunteers who serve on various committees.

Much work remains to be done to make Internet access affordable, open, and available throughout Africa. I firmly believe in AFRINIC’s vision to be the leading force in growing the Internet for Africa's sustainable development, and I have every confidence that the Board and staff will continue to work towards that goal,” says Mr. Alan Barrett

Mr. Alan Barrett leaves AFRINIC in a good position for future growth and we wish Mr. Alan Barrett the very best in his future endeavours.

The AFRINIC Board of Directors will launch a CEO search process that will culminate in the appointment of a new CEO as soon as possible.

In the meantime, all measures will be taken to ensure a smooth transition including business continuity.


Best Regards,

Christian D. Bope, PhD

Chairman, AFRINIC Board

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