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Registration Services Update from AFRINIC

AFRINIC Registration is AFRINIC’s core activity and had a busy start for this first quarter. We highlight our key activities and achievements.

Resources Allocation Quarter 1 2018

  • 1,636,096 /32s IPv4 addresses allocated
  • 12 /32s IPv6 address space allocated
  • 43 ASNs assigned
  • 0.67 /8 of IPv4 address space remaining at March 2018

IPv4 Exhaustion

We are currently in a soft landing phase 1 and encourage the current membership to request for additional IPv4 resources “within the boundaries of the policy” and speed up their IPv6 deployment.

You can read more on what Phase 1 and 2 of the exhaustion phases implies.

CoC - Contractual Obligation Checks

As from March 2018, we have broadened our Contractual Obligation Checks to include checks for members to have a signed Registration Services Agreement on file. We will be requesting non-compliant members to submit first a signed RSA before being assisted with their query/resource request.

Resource Transfers

After ratification of the policy that allows transfer of resources, the implementation of the policy now allows transfers between two organisations within the AFRINIC service region. The RS Unit has started receiving requests for transfers and we endeavour to automate these requests to decrease the transfer execution time and hence increase customer satisfaction.

Proposal for Enhancements requests from the membership

Enhancements to MyAFRINIC will be going live with the integration of the routing registry that will be gradually reflected on the member portal.

We invite Resource Members to email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make proposals about any enhancements they would like to see on the MyAFRINIC member portal.

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