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About Proposal "SL-Update"


Versions: 1.0

Status: Implemented



Gregoire O. Ehoumi 
Arnaud A. A. AMELINA 
Adeola Alain Patrick AINA


Amends: CPM, art
28 October 2018


Summary of the Problem Being Addressed by this Policy Proposal

Section of the soft landing policy reserved a /12 from the last /8 for some unforeseen future uses.

The following section( allows Board at its discretion and considering the demand and other factors at the time when AFRINIC can no longer meet any more request for address space from the last /8 or any other available address space, replenish the exhaustion pool with whatever address space (or part thereof), that may be available at the time and do this in a manner that is in the best interest of the community.Section gives board sole authority to decide on how to use the reserved block to eventually replenish the exhaustion pool and determine the allocation/assignment rules.

Two problems arose from this:

  • If no community-driven policy is adopted to determine how to use the reserved space before the exhaustion of the pool, board may act at its discretion with or without community involvement and consent.
  • The community is in better position to determine what is in its best interest and this is better discussed through PDP.




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