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About Proposal 'Lame Delegations in AFRINIC Reverse DNS'

The Problem Being Addressed by this Proposal

In the DNS, a lame delegation is a DNS misconfiguration error. If a given DNS nameserver is designated as an authoritative server for a domain name, but does not return authoritative data for that name when queried, this is considered a lame delegation.

This could be due to the nameserver not having authoritative data for the DNS zone, or simply not responding at all.

DNS misconfigurations such as this have an operational impact on the global DNS as they cause additional unnecessary queries compared to having no delegations at all. However, the end result to a DNS client is ultimately the same: No data is found.

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A large number of the reverse DNS delegations from the AFRINIC database are misconfigured in this way.


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Status: Pending Board Ratification

Obsoletes: CPM 3.0 - The Policy Development (PDP)


  • D. Shaw [daniel at]
  • A. Phokeer [amreesh at]
  • N. Goburdhan [nishal at]
  • J. Engelbrecht [jaco at]
22 November 2017

 Revision History



22 Nov 2017

Version 2.0
Second Draft AFPUB-2017-DNS-001-DRAFT02

A complete rewrite of the text to simplify and clarify. Neither the intent, nor the actions and results of the proposal have changed.

The text is simply now confined to a brief problem statement and the desired end result.

  • Removed all text to do with background, terminology, explanations, impact of the problem, motivations and possible implementation details.
  • Trimmed down policy statement to make it simple and clear.

15 Mar 2017

Version 1.0
First Draft AFPUB-2017-DNS-001-DRAFT01

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