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Policy for Temporary Assignments/ Allocations | AFPUB-2006-GEN-002


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    17 May 2005
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    Aina Alain

1) Introduction

In some circumstances, organisations may require IP resources for a certain period of time, usually one month and less. This could be for exhibitions, conferences, conventions, etc.

AFRINICwill therefore assign numbering resources to entities requiring temporary IP numbers for a fixed period of time. In this document, "IP resources" refers to unicast IPv4/v6 addresses and AS numbers.


2) Documenting the temporary activity

The activity requiring temporary IP resources should be publicly documented and available, preferably on a website. Entities requiring such IP resources are expected to demonstrate an understanding that when the activity or experiment for which they require the IP resources ends, the IP resources will be returned to AFRINIC.

A "publicly accessible document" is a document that is publicly and openly available free of charge and free of any constraints of disclosure.

AFRINICwill not recognize any activity under this policy if such an activity cannot be publicly disclosed.


3) Assignments of IP resources

Resources are assigned on a lease basis for a period of one month. The assignment can be renewed on application to AFRINICproviding the necessary information . The size of the assigned IP resource will be determined from the plan submitted by the requesting entity.

3.1 Required Documentation:

The requesting organisation should send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following contents:

a. Details of Organisation:

- Legal Organisation name
- Country Where Registered
- Postal Address
- Physical Address
- Telephone and Fax Numbers - website (this is a must)

b. Details of activity requiring the temporary assignment. - Website detailing the activity - Website with a link to similar prevsious activities - Links from other (relevant) sites about this activity - Any other information that AFRINICshould know about - Date when the above activity ends.

c. The planned use of these IP resources - List subnet size required, and for what it will be used - Any AS numbers. - Reverse delegation, if required

d. The intended date of return of the IP resources above.

Once the above information has been reviewed by AFRINIC, the requesting entity will be required to fill the appropriate resource-request form and submit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


4) Administrative fees to AFRINIC

AFRINICmay charge administrative fees (if necessary) for assignment of the temporary IP numbers above.

17.04.2005 Proposal first posted to rpd mailing list.
13.12.2005 Consensus reached at AfriNIC 3 (Cairo - Egypt) to send to AfriNIC board for approval
09.02.2006 15 Days Last Call for Comments period starts
24.02.2006 15 Days Last Call for Comments ends.
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