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Outreach Activities 2019

Women in Tech Week October 2019

9-11 October 2019 Women in Tech Africa (WiTA) is an organization founded by Ethel Cofie. Its main focus is on entrepreneurship expansion and multiplying the numbers of females in technology especially in Africa.  Over the years, WiTA has strategically focused on enabling women to drive Africa’s growth story and create impact on personal life through technology.



AFRICON Conference September 2019

The IEEE Region 8 flagship conference in Africa, IEEE AFRICON is to be hosted at the GIMPA Executive Conference Centre in beautiful and hospitable city of Accra, Ghana. IEEE AFRICON 2019 provides a platform for academic and industry professionals from all over the world to share ideas, present their latest research and to network.

AFRINIC will be at the research conference to present the results of Internet measurement awareness survey that was conducted in the first quarter of 2019.



African School of Internet Governance September 2019

The African School on Internet Governance (AfriSIG) is an annual five-day residential course in collaboration with the Africa Internet Governance Forum.



Mauritius IGF August 2019 

26 August 2019 Mauritius.  Halley Movement is a coalition of charitable organisations working for the welfare of Children and family in Mauritius and in the Southern African region. They are involved in the Internet Governance mainly role of the civil society. 2019 Theme: Impact of Internet on ‘Online Child Sexual Exploitation’ (OCSE) in Africa



FFGI August 2019

26-30 August 2019 Ouagadougou, BF The FFGI 2019 is the 5th edition to be held this 2019 year. It aims to address Internet Governance and Internet development challenges in the African French speaking countries of west and central Africa. The FFGI targets decision makers, governments, regulators, engineers, civil society



West Africa IGF July 2019

22-26 July 2019 Banjul, Gambia WAIGF aims to be a platform for an inclusive multilateral, multi-stakeholder and multilingual discussion on issues pertinent to the Internet in West Africa in general and Internet Governance issues in particular. ECOWAS and WATRA are leading the West African Internet Governance Forum (WAIGF)



Africa DNS Forum July 2019

The 7th edition of the Africa Domain Name System Forum will be held in Gaborone, Botswana from 22nd to 24th July 2019. The forum will be hosted by the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA).



Peering Roadshow July 2019

AFRINIC participated in the peering roadshow that took place on 11 July in Mauritius. The event was organised by the Internet Society and MIXP. Speakers Madhvi Gokool, Amreesh Phokeer, Keesun Fokeerah from AFRINIC and Nishal Goburdhan from PCH intervened on the ecosystem, benefits, challenges, benefits and economics of peering. The event was attended by Internet operators in Mauritius.



Nigeria School of Internet Governance July 2019

AFRINIC is sponsoring the Nigeria School of Internet Governance 2019 taking place from 8 to 10 July 2019. Dr Wale Adedokun, AFRINIC Board Member is representing AFRINIC at this event. 

As part of efforts to build additional Internet Governance capacity within Nigeria, The Internet Society Nigeria Chapter ( ) is convening the Nigerian School on Internet Governance. Schools on Internet Governance have helped many notable countries groom citizens that have risen to take up key positions and influence the global Internet ecosystem. 



Fourth Edition of the Workshop AFRICAN DIGITAL ENCOUNTERS July 2019

AFRINIC sponsored and participated in the  4th Edition of the Sub-Regional Workshop Seminars called AFRICAN DIGITAL ENCOUNTERS under the theme: "DIGITAL, SME AND CYBERLEGISLATION:" WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT? IN AFRICA?, which was held from 3-5 July 2019 in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

AFRINIC was represented by Mr Brice Abba Community Development Manager.



AFCHIX TechWomen Summit June 2019

AFRINIC participated in The AFCHIX TechWomen Summit in Kampala Uganda as panelist and sponsor on 15 June. The Summit is a continental summit organized by AFCHIX for African Women in Technology and particularly for the participants from the various AFCHIX chapters where AFCHIX has a presence - Burundi, Ethiopia, Gambia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Chad, Tunisia, Uganda and Zimbabwe. AFCHIX is a network of women in Technology who consider gender diversity in Computer Science & ICT industry very critical for increased creativity and innovative performance of the industry in Africa.



Transform Africa in Rwanda May 2019

AFRINIC attended the 2019 Transform Africa Summit which was held from 14-18 May 2019 at Kigali Convention Center, Kigali, Rwanda,

AFRINIC delegation is composed of

  • Christian Bope Chairman, AFRINIC Board of Directors
  • Robert Nkusi Ford, AFRINIC Board Member
  • Arthur Carindal, Head of Stakeholder Engagement

The Transform Africa Summit is the Smart Africa flagship event. This fifth Summit took place in Kigali, Rwanda. The Summit attracted participants including Heads of State and Government, Ministers, Regulators, and representatives from the Public and Private Sector in the African region and beyond. The Summit also featured specific streams tackling current ICT topics.

AFRINIC actively supports digital economy growth in Africa by providing professional and efficient management of Internet number resources.



WACREN 2019 in Ghana March 2019

WACREN organised its annual conference on 15-16 March 2018. The conference was organised in a special context for the rollout of the WACREN network, with the promise of changing dramatically the IT landscape in higher education and research in the region. The conference took place in Accra, Ghana. AFRINIC’s participation was an opportunity to address how WACREN members can request for IP addresses, talk about IPv4 exhaustion, the fees schedule and the key AFRINIC services. AFRINIC highlighted these matters during a presentation.

The outreach activity also saw Registration Services team interact with members and the local community. We noted that the face-to-face approach was appreciated. AFRINIC also used this opportunity to hear from local members on their specific nature of business and relating challenges.



Burkina Faso February 2019

From the 18th to 22nd of February, AFRINIC was in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for its first outreach in 2019 to meet local and engage with prospective members. AFRINIC also gave presentations on AFRINIC services updates in the premises of the local ISOC chapter, which, along with the local Exchange Point(BFIX), acted as facilitators and contributed towards the success of the outreach.

The local members on site appreciated the opportunity to meet with AFRINIC to discuss issues and challenges in managing their IP resources.

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