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2023 March

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NRO Letter to ICANN

The governance challenges facing AFRINIC have been a concern to many parties, including the Number Resource Organization (NRO). In a recent letter to ICANN, the NRO stressed the importance of a fair a... read more..


Notice to the ASO Community on Rejection Action to ICANN Board Resolution on IANA FY24 Operating Plan and Budget

The ICANN Board of Directors approved the IANA FY24 Operating Plan and Budget. The resolution approving the FY24 IANA Operaring Plan and Budget is available here.  The approved IANA FY24 Operating Pla... read more..


Public Holiday on 22 March 2023

     Please note that 22 March 2023 is a public holiday in Mauritius.  AFRINIC Offices shall be closed on that day and will resume operation the next day. Urgent membership-related issues can be... read more..


The risk of sharing your credentials to third parties

This is to alert AFRINIC Resource Members of a misleading email communication from purported representatives of a fictitious organization; targeted at AFRINIC  Resource Members (“members”), soliciting... read more..

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