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2016 August

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Blog (EN)

Women in ICT: TechChix Tanzania

Continuing with our series on Africa's Women in ICT, we find out more about the recently formed TechChix of Tanzania. Vymala Thuron, AFRINIC's Head of External Relations, met with these inspiring ladi... read more..

Policy Active Proposals

Internet Number Resources Review by AFRINIC (Draft 3)

Details Ref. Name: AFPUB-2016-GEN-001-DRAFT03 Status: Under Discussion Date: 09 August 2016 Author: Amelina Arnaud Ilunga Kabwika Serge Jean-Baptiste Millongo Wafa Dahmani Staff &am read more..

Research Publications

Anti-Spam Mechanisms and Usage from RIR’s Perspective

This paper specifically deals with the different policies and technical frameworks at a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) level in terms of anti-spam measures. It also exposes the issue of spam from an... read more..

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