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Public Policy Meeting (PPM) Minutes

AFRINIC-7 | PDWG Meeting Minutes

AFRINIC-7 Public Policy Meeting Minutes | 27 September 2007 | Durban South Africa   Discussion on Open Policy Proposals – Hisham R. Rojoa The two global IPv4 exhaustion proposals were delivered tod... read more..

Policy Pre-CPM

IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) Assignment for End-Sites | AFPUB-2007-v6-001

  Details Ref. Name: AFPUB-2007-v6-001 Old Ref: afpol-v6200701 Status: Implemented Date: 13 Jul. 2007 Author: Vincent Ngundi Alain Aina 1) Incentive The c read more..

Policy Pre-CPM

Policy to Change the IPv6 HD Ratio from 0.8 to 0.94 | AFPUB-2007-v6-002

  Details Ref. Name: AFPUB-2007-v6-002 Old Ref: afpol-ipv6hdr20070330 Status: Implemented Date: 13 Jun 2007 Author: Adiel A. Akplogan 1) Rational The curre read more..

Policy Pre-CPM

Policy to Change the Allocation and Assignment Period to 12 months | AFPUB-2007-GEN-001

  Details Ref. Name: AFPUB-2007-GEN-001 Old Ref: afpol-af200611 Status: Implemented Date: 13 Jun 2007 Author: Adiel A. Akplogan 1) Incentive In the very ch read more..

Public Policy Meeting (PPM) Minutes

AFRINIC-6 | PDWG Meeting Minutes

AFRINIC-6 Public Policy Meeting Minutes | May 2007 | Abuja Nigeria   A large proportion of the meeting was also dedicated to discussions on the six proposed policies. Three policies reached consensu... read more..

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