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Board Election Timeline 2020 (BC)

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This timeline was prepared by staff based on the timeline in the Election Process approved by the Board.


 Days to Election  Activity Date  Activity
NOMCOM Appointment Timeline
143 22-Jan-20 Board Decision to Call for Volunteers to NomCom
141 24-Jan-20 Publication and Announcement of the Call for Volunteers
124 10-Feb-20 Closure of the Call for Volunteers; Board review of received volunteers
122 12-Feb-20 Board decision (& transmission to staff) on selected volunteers
120 14-Feb-20 Publication and Announcement of Selected Volunteers
106 28-Feb-20 Election of NomCom Chair
103 02-Mar-20 Announcement of Elected NomCom Chair
Board Nomination & Election Timeline
88 17-Mar-20 Send Nomination Information to AFRINIC Staff for publication
86 19-Mar-20 Publication of Nomination Information
86 19-Mar-20 Open Candidate Nomination Period
56 18-Apr-20 Close Candidate Nomination Period
54 20-Apr-20 Send Received Nominations to Board for Approval
52 22-Apr-20 Board Review & Transmittance of Approved Nominations to NomCOM
50 24-Apr-20 Start Review period of (Board Approved) Nominations
40 04-May-20 The end Review period of nominations
39 05-May-20 Prepare and send final candidate slate to Board for "Review" and "Non-binding advice"
37 07-May-20 Board-reviewed slate sent back to NomCom
36 08-May-20 Prepare and send final candidate slate to staff for publication
34 10-May-20 Staff Publication of final candidate Slate & candidate information comment pages
30 14-May-20 Announcement of Final candidate slate & opening of the public comments period
14 28-May-20 Prepare and Publish Announcement for AGMM notice (with final slate & expiring seats)
13 29-May-20 Open e-voting and proxy registration
1 10-Jun-20 Close of proxy registration & appointment
0 11-Jun-20 Election day, Close of electronic voting 



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