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Top 4 reasons why you should not share your MyAFRINIC credentials

Top 4 reasons why you should not share your MyAFRINIC credentials



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The 2022 AFRINIC Annual General Members Meeting will take place on 3rd June 2022, when three Board seats and one Governance Committee seat are up for election.

AFRINIC strives to ensure a free and fair election process; however, It has come to our attention that certain entities are soliciting AFRINIC members to give up their MyAFRINIC login credentials to third parties.

All resource members are granted access to MyAFRINIC, the portal through which members can vote electronically and access other services.

We wish to remind our members about the importance and responsibility of keeping your MyAFRINIC credentials safe.

Sharing those credentials will be highly prejudicial to you, your organisation, the resources allocated to your organisation and AFRINIC.




Here are the top four reasons why you should not engage in this:

  1. Account Hijack: Granting access to a non-authorised third party may result in a complete account hijack. You are at a greater risk of losing access to your resources.
  2. Access to your company’s information by an unwanted third-party: By sharing your credentials, you are opening sensitive data related to you or your organisation’s network configuration and hence the third-party has the advantage to make configurational changes that would result in network problems on your infrastructure and communication of incorrect information to the rest of the Internet, thus impacting the global routing security.
  3. Authorising a third party to cast a vote on your behalf: For AFRINIC’s elections, you will lose your credible vote to a third party whose interests may not align with your organisation’s vision, thus impacting the integrity of both the AFRINIC elections and the AFRINIC corporate governance.
  4. Stealing of resources or misconfiguration: You are opening your account to someone who can do unauthorised changes to the sensitive network and IP-related configurations like transferring resources, deleting digital certificates, and user accounts, and changing user permissions, voting rights, and more.


Be aware of all we just mentioned and many other risks you take by sharing your account with others. Note that misconfiguration of your personal information or network information such as routes or RPKI can impact the Internet Routing Security and more.

You hold a stake in the global routing security, hence it is your responsibility to safeguard the integrity of the resources allocated to you.

Finally, AFRINIC relies on you to preserve the integrity of its elections, which will contribute to building a stronger AFRINIC.


Act responsibly. Thank you.




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