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Board appointments to fill casual vacancies

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The AFRINIC Board has made the following appointments to fill vacant seats in the Board, in terms of Article 13.14 of the AFRINIC Bylaws

  • Habib Youssef is appointed to seat 1 (Northern Africa);
  • Vika William Mpisane is appointed to seat 5 (Southern Africa);
  • Dorcas Muthoni Gachari is appointed to seat 6 (Eastern Africa).

These appointments are with effect from 18 July 2018, until the next AGMM which is planned to be held in June 2019.

At the time the Board made its decision, no candidate for Seat 2 (Western Africa) had fulfilled the requirement to provide two references from two different AFRINIC resource members in good standing. Seat 2 (Western Africa) therefore remains vacant for the time being.


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