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Anycast Assignments in the AFRINIC region | AFPUB-2014-GEN-003-DRAFT-04

Anycast Assignments in the AFRINIC region



1) Summary of the Problem Being Addressed by this Policy Proposal


The current policy (AFPUB-2012-V4-001) that lets AFRINIC members acquire space for anycast service deployment purposes does not provide the ability to request IPv6 anycast space (and for AFRINIC to issue it to anyone). There's also no provision for issuing AS Numbers for anycast purposes. This proposal attempts to modify AFPUB-2012-V4-001 to fix these issues.


2) Summary of How this Proposal Addresses the Problem

The proposal modifies AFPUB-2012-V4-001 to include the option to request IPv6 space and AS Numbers for anycast purposes from AFRINIC and for AFRINIC to issue these resources to the requestors.

For the avoidance of doubt, the author does not seek to prolong the lifespan of IPv4 with this proposal but rather, to ensure that number resources allocated/assigned by AFRINIC are used by legitimate members from the service region to support their network operations, regardless of physical location.


3) Proposal

AFPUB-2012-V4-001 is modified from the original version to the following version:



1.Summary of the problem being addressed by the policy proposal

This proposal allows an organization to receive an IPv4/IPv6 allocation or assignment and/or an AS Number purely for anycast or GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) usage. The usage must be in line with industry best practices as described in BCP126BCP169, or their successors. 


2. Summary of how this proposal addresses the problem

This proposal allows the use of:

  1. One (1) /24 of IPv4 for anycast services from a PA allocation of an LIR or direct end-user assignment.
  2. One /48 of IPv6 for anycast services from an IPv6 LIR allocation or direct end-user assignment.
  3. An AS Number for anycast purposes.

AFRINIC staff will consider anycast IPv4/IPv6 blocks assigned to be "fully utilised" by the LIR when considering utilisation for first allocation or for an additional allocation to an LIR.


3. Proposal

3.1 An organization may obtain one (1) /24 IPv4 and/or one (1) /48 IPv6 prefix for anycast or GRX purposes from an allocation or an AFRINIC issued direct end-user assignment. An AS Number may also be issued for the same purposes if requested. These resources must be used for the sole purposes of providing anycast services or GRX (GPRS Roaming Exchanges) as recommended in BCP126, BCP169 or their successors. The IPv4/IPv6 prefixes will count as being fully utilised when an organization applies for additional resources. The utilization criteria that apply to all IPv4 and IPv6 initial allocation or assignment requests shall be waived for anycast assignment requests.


3.2 Blocks used for anycast services cannot be further assigned or sub-allocated. They shall be tagged with the status attribute in the AFRINIC whois service as "ASSIGNED ANYCAST".



4.0 Revision History




Summary of Changes



Initial Draft



In Sec 3.1, replaced: “These resources must be used for the sole purpose of anycasting web or authoritative DNS servers as described in BCP126/RFC 4786 or for GPRS Roaming Exchange” with “These resources must be used for the sole purposes of providing anycast services”.



Replaced: "These resources must be used for the sole purposes of providing anycast services" with "These resources must be used for the sole purposes of providing anycast services or GRX (GPRS Roaming Exchanges)."



Added the following changes after face-to-face discussions during AFRINIC-21:

  • “AN AS Number should..” to “AN AS Number may..”
  • Re-instate BCP126 provisions




Added .."BCP126, BCP169, and their successors" to Sec 1 and Sec 3. See this post on rpd.

04 2015-02-06 Ratified by the AFRINIC Board.
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