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CEO's Monthly Update - September 2021

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CEO's Monthly Update - September 2021


Dear Resource Members,


It has been some time without the usual monthly update from me. I would like to reconnect the habit although I am sure you have been kept updated through other communications channels.


1) AFRINIC Jenga Sessions with the Resources Members

Jenga which means “Build” in Swahili, aims at building stronger relationships with the AFRINIC resource holders through organising dedicated sessions aimed at highlighting the services offered by AFRINIC and collecting feedback and recommendations from our resource members. Over the course of the sessions, the AFRINIC Team embarked on implementing Jenga with our resource members. During the sessions, we explained the current situation and discussed the risk mitigation mechanisms that are in place to ensure a smooth continuation of services despite the freezing of our bank accounts. The roundtable discussion of the Jenga was a success and has been documented in the AFRINIC Blog.


2) Legal updates

As you may be aware, we recently applied for the removal of the attachment or alternatively, a reduction of the amount of money attached in the AFRINIC’s bank accounts. The request for the removal of the attachment is connected to a prior case for the validation of the attachment and both are still ongoing. We are thankful to the Court which has acceded to AFRINIC’s request to have access to part of its funds so as to meet its vital expenses for the months of July and August 2021. As of today, all staff has been paid including those who did not receive their salaries for the month of July and the team is working on clearing all pending suppliers’ invoices. Otherwise, we assure you that AFRINIC is robustly resisting all cases lodged against it. You may check the updated summary of these cases.


3) Major changes on AFRINIC RPKI Environment

On Tuesday 31 August 2021, AFRINIC made a major improvement in its RPKI infrastructure. We are delighted to announce to our community that critical RPKI operations now have an integration with Hardware Security Module (HSM). This is a major step for us in enhancing the security of the infrastructure as well as providing excellent services to our resource members and community.


4) AFRINIC-34 Online

AFRINIC-34 will take place virtually from November 15-18, 2021. We shall communicate the details on the registration and event program in due course. The importance of getting involved in these public meetings can not be overemphasised especially the rich content this meeting has to offer as well as the PDP sessions and discussions that we have in store.


5) Keeping the lights on

We have been contacted by stakeholders in our community and beyond our region, expressing their interest in supporting us during these challenging times. Who would not appreciate some love and care from friends and family? I remain grateful to the community at large for the immense support, words of wisdom, and encouragement that we have received so far. We remain grateful! I wish to reiterate that AFRINIC is still providing stable services to our members and community.


I wish you well as we pursue our common goals and aspirations.


Kind Regards and keep safe navigating this pandemic,


Eddy Kayihura

Chief Executive Officer,
African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC)
ceo at




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