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ASN Allocation to AFRINIC

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AFRINIC has received an allocation from IANA for the following block of AS Numbers: AS328704 - AS329727

This is in line with the Policy for Allocation of ASN Blocks to Regional Internet Registries (

The IANA AS Numbers registry has been updated to reflect this allocation:

This information has also been updated on the AFRINIC website at and the AS Numbers have been added to the AFRINIC Inventory.


تلقت AFRINIC مخصصًا من IANA للكتلة التالية من أرقام AS: AS328704 - AS329727

يتماشى ذلك مع سياسة تخصيص ASN Blocks لسجلات الإنترنت الإقليمية (

تم تحديث سجل أرقام IANA AS ليعكس هذا التخصيص:

تم تحديث هذه المعلومات أيضًا على موقع AFRINIC على: وتمت إضافة أرقام AS إلى قائمة AFRINIC.



AFRINIC recebeu uma alocação da IANA para o seguinte bloco de Números AS: AS328704 - AS329727

Isto está de acordo com a Política de Alocação de Blocos de ASN para Registros Regionais de Internet (

O registro dos números IANA AS foi atualizado para refletir esta alocação:

Esta informação também foi actualizada no site AFRINIC em: e os Números AS foram adicionados ao Inventário AFRINIC.



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