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AFRINIC Board approves new election process and guidelines

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Dear AFRINIC members and community,

The AFRINIC Board has approved a new election process and guidelines, which is published at

These are the principal changes from the previous version of the Board election process and guidelines (as adopted in 2018):

  1. Delete “NOMCOM” from the sentence “The Board may provide additional guidelines to NOMCOM at any time, in terms of article 9.2 of the Bylaws.” Since guidelines can also be used by ECOM, community, etc
  2. In Sec 2.1 – add a clause that candidates need to preferably possess prior NomCom experience in the I* ecosystem;
  3. Changed be trusted members of the AFRINIC community to ‘Be trusted members of the AFRINIC Internet Community’.
  4. In 5.9, NOMCOM shall provide a minimum of two candidates.
  5. In Sec 8 – add a clause that promotes e-voting over paper ballot and proxies,
  6. In 8.2 bullet 3, clarify that a proxy instrument can also be printed on letterhead if not generated from MyAFRINIC.
  7. In 8.6, add a clause that requires abstentions to be tallied and announced, from both e-voting and paper-ballots.

Eddy Kayihura
CEO, on behalf of the AFRINIC Board of Directors

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